History of M.L.K. (P.G.) College

Balrampur had been a Zamindari Estate - of course, one of the biggest in India, second only perhaps to Darbhanga in Bihar. Zamindari system got abolished after our country won independence and Balrampur also had to suffer that fate. But while the other Zamindars got busy using all their means in pooling together their resources, here was the magnanimous Maharaja of Balrampur who was donating buildings worth crores of rupees for the establishment of a Degree College and equipping its Science Laboratories with the finest of fittings, its class-rooms with the best of furnitures and its Library with a large number of rare manuscripts and the latest books. Students were being provided with hostels and teachers with residences. All this expenditure incurred in the rennovation of the buildings to suit the needs of a college and its equipments and fittings cannot easily be evaluated rightly and exactly but can only be estimated to be running into several lacs and the total worth of the buildings put at the disposal of the college initially would easily go into a few crores even at the rate as in existence in the year 1955. Later on, as the college grew from year to year and the number of students and teachers began to swell, more buildings and still more buildings were given over to the college. The college opened the B.Ed. (Teacher Training) classes in the year 1961.

During the period 1961-1970, the grants nearly of Rs. 26 lacs were procured from U.G.C. and State and Central Governments. With these grants well furnished and well equipped commodious laboratories for all the four science departments were got constructed, a large well furnished Reading Room was added to the Library and the departments were provided with the best of equipments, apparatuses and books and Journals.

After herculean efforts the college started Post-Graduate classes in the year 1970-71 and 1971-72 in as many as eight subjects (four subjects of the Arts Faculty - Hindi, Sanskrit, Political Science and Geography and four subjects of the Science faculty- Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Mathematics). The founder of College the late Maharaja Saheb made available his entire City Palace, a building adjacent to the college and one of unique architectural beauty and of unimaginable cost at the present rates, to the college to house these additional faculties and classes and to accommodate additional teachers. Seeing the increasing importance of computer education a P.G. Diploma Course in Computer Application was started in 1980. In the same way a new subject named Seed Technology was added in faculty of Science in 1990 under the financial assistance scheme of vocational subject of U.G.C.

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