Zoology Department

Brief History Of department of zoology

The Department of Zoology of M.LK PG College, Balrampur established in 1955, envisages moulding young minds with an aptitude in Animal Science, turning them into bright scholars in Zoology. The Under-graduate Degree programme began in 1955 followed by the commencement of Post-graduate degree programme in 2004.

Dr. Surendra Sharma (1955-1967), Dr. Abdul Hameed(1955-1993), Dr. Bhagwati Prasad Srivastava (1966-2001), Dr. K.K Ansari (1969-2010), Dr. Markanday Mishra (1972-2011) and Dr. Sheela Gupta (2005-2015) in their tenure as  head of department and as a teacher , department   has  achieved new height under their guidance.

Dr Hafisullah, Dr Famidabano, Dr. PN Srivastava, Dr. Ghanshyam Tripathi, Dr.SP Singh and Dr.SN Tripathi were proficient eminent teacher their contribution to the department is unparallel.

The department presently headed by Dr. Ashok Kumar who is honored with Best Faculty For Teaching Innovations (GESA , New Delhi)2019 and Fellowship award FBPS 2018.

At present this department has a faculty  consisting of 05 assistant professors viz. Dr. Sadguru Prakash  (Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam Environmental Promotion award 2019 and Fellowship award FBPS 2018.) Dr. Akanksha Tripathi, Dr. RBTripathi (Self finance) and Dr.Alpana Parmar(Self finance)

The Department has always believed in imparting quality education and the achievements of our students reflect the same. The department has produced large number of zoologist, academicians, scientists working in various colleges Government Institutes and other organisations.   Department has produced 19 PhDs so far. The department has published approximately 300 several papers in various national and international journals. It has a good museum with very valuable rare specimen  ie. Lung fishes , flying fish, torpedo, embryos, human skeleton (female) etc. and an Skeleton house have skeleton of  magnificient  & majestic elephant Chandmurat (died on 17thmay1899) of the State of Balrampur , along with  skeleton of other animals. Tiger’s  skull sent shivers down the spine in the Museum. The department has a total of 1000 books in the departmental library also subscribes to reputed journals for reference. The department has a good library and laboratories.

Courses Of Department

B.Sc. Zoology Complementary subjects: Botany and Chemistry M.Sc. ZoologyFishery Biology

The thrust area of department:

  • Environment
  • Toxicology (acute and chronic effect of environmental toxicant on morphology, behavioral hematological , histological and biochemical parameter)
  • Biological chemistry
  • Fishery Biology- Morphology, Physiology and Development of Fishes, Induced breeding.
  • Taxonomy and ecology of Pisces
  • Entomology
  • Limnology Qualitative and quantitative study of freshwater plankton. Estimation of dissolved oxygen, free carbon dioxide and alkalinity in a local fish-pond and Insect Diversity.
  • Microtomy (Histological studies)


  1. Dr. Ashok Kumar( Head )
  2. Dr. Sadguru Prakash(Asst. Prof.)
  3. Pooja Gupta M.Sc. (Zoology), Gold Medal (2016)
  4. Sahnur Sidki – M.Sc. Zoology,  Gold Medal (2017)
  5. Nidhi Rauniyar, JRF-NET 2017
  6. Shashikant Sharma JRF-NET, (2019)
  • Name : Dr. Ashok Kumar
  • Designation : Head & Associate Professor
  • Mobile No. : 9456087215
  • E-Mail : abmlk1515@gmail.com
  • Name : Dr. Sadguru Prakash
  • Designation : Assistant Professor
  • Mobile No. : 9415681514
  • E-Mail : sadguruprakash@gmail.com
  • Name : Dr. Akanksha Tripathi
  • Designation : Assistant Professor
  • Mobile No. : 9455444467
  • E-Mail : akt.zoology@gmail.com
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  • Name :Dr. Chandra Bhan Yadav
  • Designation : Assistant Professor ( Guest)
  • Mobile No. : 9889054026, 6387622164
  • E-Mail : bhancbt91@gmail.com
WhatsApp Image 2022-03-10 at 5.22.52 PM
  • Name : Dr. Anand Kumar Bajpayee
  • Designation : Assistant Professor ( Guest)
  • Mobile No. : 9415049893
  • E-Mail : akbajpeyee@gmail.com
WhatsApp Image 2020-02-07 at 5.35.05 PM
  • Name : Varsha Singh
  • Designation : Assistant Professor (Guest)
  • Mobile No. :9628547532
  • E-Mail : 9varshaabhay@gmail.com
Santosh Kumar Tiwari
  • Name : Mr.Santosh Kumar Tiwari
  • Designation : Assistant Professor (Guest)
  • Mobile No. :+919454745311
  • E-Mail : : skt4988@gmail.com
Asha KC
  • Name : Km.Asha K.C.
  • Designation : Assistant Professor (Guest)
  • Mobile No. :+919026580463
  • E-Mail :  girliam433@gmail.com
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